We’re not your typical creative agency. Our team truly believes that technology can save the world. We love tackling a difficult challenge and some of our favorites have been in the space of sustainability, education and poverty. Our business model is predicated on outstanding deliverables at fair prices, but we have special programs for qualifying charities, non-profits and NGOs.

  • Elijah Szasz


    Elijah is a business strategist, product marketer and manager with 17 years of experience. He is a founding partner at SPARK6.

  • Eric Colbert


    Eric is 15-year consumer products and marketing veteran with broad expertise encompassing product development, branding, e-commerce, sourcing, and operations.

  • Carl Smith

  • Mark Eckhardt

    Visionary Strategist, Facilitator, Advisor

    Forever curious about the intersection of culture, neuroscience, and business, Mark has spent the last two decades applying his insights in a wide range of projects and organizations.

  • Oliver Doyen

    Sr. Developer & Architect
  • Frank Davis

    Chief Software Architect
  • Sonya Lee

    Product & User Experience Design

    With over 18 years of experience, Sonya has a deep background in UX, UI Design, Creative Strategy, Marketing Strategies and Product Management. She has worked with clients such as Disney, ABC, Warner Bros., MGM, and various tech startups.

  • Kevin Pamaran

    Sr. Developer
  • Kristal Smith

    Technical Project Manager
  • Malachi Staples


    Malachi is an animator and graphic designer with 16 years of experience. He has an eye for innovation and pixel perfection.

  • Kevin Kenyon

    VP Business Development
  • Greg Shin

    Project Manager

    Greg is an experienced front-end developer turned project manager.

  • Ian Smith

    Sr. Developer & Architect
  • Ken Knecht

    Digital Marketing

    Ken crafts media programs that help businesses win. He is our SEO and Social Media guru.

  • Evan Oliver

    Social Media Strategist

    Evan is a social media strategist with a focus on sustainable markets. From growth and identity, Evan is fluent in all social platforms and influencer outreach.

  • Alexandria Krohn


    Alex handles our photography including product and post production.

  • Dave Horowitz

    Producer and Editor

    Dave is our video editor and producer – he is a Final Cut Pro and After Effects expert.

  • Brian Clark

    User Experience Design
  • Jo De La Torre

    Director Development Services
  • Kyle Cassano

    Social Media Strategy

    Kyle helps us out with social media strategy and execution.

  • Jessica Fan

    Interaction Designer

    Jessica crafts user experiences that everyone loves.

  • Danielle Szasz, JD, MA, MFT

    Behavioral Psychologist

    Utilizing the most current findings of modern neuroscience, Danielle dives deep in the human motivations that define the way we interact with digital platforms.

Changing the World Has to be Fun.

SPARK6 is honored to be a member of the COMMON Community– a fearless collection of kind, passionate creatives committed to social business. #DoShitThatMatters.

Our People

Living their passion.




Over the years, we have learned that the brightest creatives and engineers do their best work in an environment free of conventional constraints. We encourage our flexible team to work where they are most comfortable and only on the things they are passionate about. Our distributed, California-centric team spends less time in the car and more with loved ones. Some are with us full time and others come in for specific projects in-between working on their own ventures. Everything we build is a reflection of a team encouraged to find their personal ideal quality of life.

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